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Detectives Under More Pressure

Date posted: January 30, 2021

The demands on detective work have “increased massively” over the past few years, making it difficult to recruit officers into what is a hard but rewarding role. West Yorkshire Police Federation’s Detectives Lead Detective Chief Inspector Phil Jackson said being a detective was a fantastic career with great job satisfaction, but that it also carried…

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IOPC ‘Needs A Culture Change’

Date posted: January 27, 2021

The Independent Office for Police Conduct needs a culture change so it stops treating the country’s cops as guilty unless they can prove their innocence, MPs have heard. Phill Matthews, Chair of the PFEW’s Conduct and Performance Sub-Committee, gave evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee. MPs were told the main issues with the IOPC…

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Demand, Capacity and Welfare Survey 2020

Date posted: January 26, 2021

Officers Need Priority Vaccines

Date posted: January 15, 2021

It is “astonishing” that frontline police officers have not been given a level of priority by the Government for the COVID-19 vaccine, West Yorkshire Police Federation has said. Chairman Brian Booth said that although officers are in the middle of keeping people safe from COVID-19 – at no small degree of risk to themselves and…

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Vaccines Are ‘Vitally Important’

Date posted: January 13, 2021

The Government must “do the right thing” and ensure police officers receive priority access to COVID vaccines, according to the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW). Chair John Apter hit out after the Government failed to announce a decision to prioritise police officers alongside other key workers despite weeks of high-level lobbying over the…

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Changes To Bail Legislation Were ‘Reckless’

Date posted: January 11, 2021

Changes made to bail legislation in 2017 have led to a raft of issues for officers and victims, according to a new report, with police chiefs saying they warned the Government about it at the time. A joint inspection by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) and HM Crown Prosecution…

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Boost For Maternity Payments

Date posted: January 9, 2021

Police officers on maternity or adoption leave will now receive full pay for 26 weeks. The changes came into effect on 4 January, increasing the entitlement from 18 weeks’ full pay. The change has been celebrated throughout the service, including by PFEW Secretary Alex Duncan, who described it as a “win-win for both society and…

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Local Investigations Quicker Than IOPC

Date posted: January 8, 2021

Investigations into officer conduct are quicker when carried out at a local level than under IOPC supervision, new figures have shown. Supervised cases took on average around 24 months to be resolved – compared to just five months for unsupervised cases, according to the IOPC’s own figures. Just 13 supervised investigations took place compared to…

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A Turbulent Year For Policing

Date posted: December 7, 2020

What a year 2020 has been for policing. We started the year with the positive news that investment in policing was here and we would have 20,000 extra colleagues. We were promised this would help with the workload and ease the burden on existing officers. We also have the police apprenticeship entry scheme, which takes…

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Pay Freeze A Betrayal Of Police

Date posted: December 6, 2020

The Government’s decision to freeze public sector pay is “a kick in the teeth and betrayal for police officers,” according to West Yorkshire Police Federation Chairman Brian Booth. Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced in the Government’s November Spending Review that pay for public sector workers outside the NHS would be “paused” for a year. Anyone earning…

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We Must Keep Each Other Safe

Date posted: December 5, 2020

Officers must “continue to keep each other safe” during the pandemic, West Yorkshire Police Federation has said. New figures have shown that more than 800 UK police officers nationally tested positive for COVID-19 this year. West Yorkshire Police Federation Chairman Brian Booth said that fortunately there was a low number of COVID-related police absences in…

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Crucial To Support Officers Who Are Attacked

Date posted: December 5, 2020

West Yorkshire Police officers are properly supported if they are the victim of an assault. Chairman Brian Booth said both West Yorkshire Police Federation and the force “take this issue extremely seriously”. Brian was speaking as the College of Policing is looking to roll out a nationwide approach to supporting officers after they have been…

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Beware Of Breaching Allowances

Date posted: December 5, 2020

It has become evident that with the changes to pensions – and particularly limits on the benefit (value) that can be paid into a pension – more officers are coming close or breaching the Annual Allowance. In the main the issue will affect people of higher rank, but I have become aware of an Inspector…

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Group Insurance Is Crucial Benefit

Date posted: December 4, 2020

There is a worrying trend among officers still within their probation period who are cancelling their Group Insurance Scheme subscriptions. The GIS covers officers for legal expenses (along with many other benefits) that may arise during incidents that happen off duty. I fully understand that officers will feel that money is tight and that it…

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Call To Restrict Fireworks Sale

Date posted: December 3, 2020

Firework sales should be more strictly regulated after incidents of fireworks being thrown at officers. On Bonfire Night in Halifax, lit fireworks were launched at police and families with young children. There were similar incidents nationally, including one in Manchester where a firework hit a police officer in the head and left him with life-changing…

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Free Promotion Course Offer For Police

Date posted: December 2, 2020

Police Pass is running a number of free one-day courses for promotion candidates studying for the NPPF Step 2 (formerly OSPRE Part 1) exam. The courses run from 9.30am to 12.30pm on Zoom. Courses will be delivered by a Superintendent, Chief Inspector and Detective Sergeant who have passed the exam in the top 1% nationally,…

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West Yorkshire Police Federation Pay And Morale Survey 2020

Date posted: December 1, 2020

Keep Taking Precautions

Date posted: November 18, 2020

West Yorkshire Police officers are being urged not to be complacent about protecting themselves and their colleagues from COVID-19, as the country enters a second lockdown. West Yorkshire Police Federation says it is vital officers continue to take the right precautions, and carry on wearing PPE, washing their hands, utilising the NHS Tracking app on-…

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Let’s Share Body-Worn Footage

Date posted: November 14, 2020

Footage captured by officers’ body-worn video cameras should be shared with the public to stop officers being “hung, drawn and quartered” on social media, West Yorkshire Police Federation has said. A number of high-profile videos have been shared on social media, showing officers making arrests and stops. Often they are edited in a way to…

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IOPC ‘Prolongs Officers’ Agony’

Date posted: November 10, 2020

A formal enquiry into the time it takes for IOPC investigations to be resolved hasn’t produced any results yet, says West Yorkshire Police Federation. Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) leaders have submitted evidence of the detrimental impact of lengthy investigations to the Home Affairs Select Committee, as part of a wider review into…

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We’re Here To Help With Mental Health Issues

Date posted: November 7, 2020

Nearly 400 officers in West Yorkshire had to take time off with stress, PTSD or anxiety last year, a new report has revealed. Worrying as those figures are, West Yorkshire Police Federation Chairman Brian Booth said he was pleased the officers had come forward and talked about their symptoms. Nationally more than 10,000 police officers…

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NPPF Online FREE 1 day Crammer Course

Date posted: November 5, 2020

POLICE PASS: REGISTER FOR A FREE ONLINE NPPF REVISION KICK START COURSE In the light of the COVID outbreak and the consequent social distancing measures Police Pass are now delivering their free NPPF Step 2 revision kick start courses online for candidates to safely consume, whilst complying with social distancing, as per the government guidance….

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Policing COVID Causing Fatigue

Date posted: November 4, 2020

Officers are drained by COVID-19 and the constant rule changes, West Yorkshire Police Federation has said. Andy Rhodes, Chief Constable of Lancashire Police, said officers had been left exhausted by policing the pandemic, with many not getting the rest or the sleep they need. For Brian Booth, West Yorkshire Police Federation Chairman, officers are more…

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Paying Tribute On National Police Memorial Day

Date posted: November 1, 2020

The Police Family refused to let COVID-19 stop them from paying tribute to their fallen colleagues, as this year’s National Police Memorial Day (NPMD) went online. Hundreds of thousands of viewers watched the moving service, made even more poignant this year by the death of Met Police Sergeant Matt Ratana who was killed on duty…

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Brave PC Nominated For Award

Date posted: October 23, 2020

An off-duty West Yorkshire Police officer who interrupted his weekly shop to arrest a dangerous knife-wielding robber has been nominated for The National Police Bravery Awards. PC Neil Masheder’s actions – running towards danger despite not being in uniform or having protective equipment – means he will join more than 90 colleagues from across England…

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‘Act Upon New Safety Review’

Date posted: October 20, 2020

“My colleagues are getting beaten black and blue on a daily basis… I hope that this report is acted upon in a bid to reduce the amount of assaults on my colleagues.” That’s the verdict of Brian Booth, Chair of West Yorkshire Police Federation, on a new Safety Review from the National Police Chiefs’ Council…

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Tougher Measures For COVID Rule-Breakers

Date posted: October 17, 2020

Police enforcement of the new anti-COVID measures is likely to become more regular – leading to more demands on a stretched police service, West Yorkshire Police Federation has warned. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced new restrictions in a bid to see off a spike in virus infections, as a second COVID wave looms. The…

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Constables And Sergeants: Have Your Views Heard

Date posted: October 15, 2020

Attention all Constables and Sergeant members serving with West Yorkshire Police. We are canvassing your opinion on two important local issues –please fill in a survey so you can get your views heard. One issue is regarding unused annual leave and the other is about re-rostered rest days. We have launched a survey to obtain…

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Rise In Assaults Against Officers

Date posted: September 14, 2020

West Yorkshire Police Federation is calling for tougher sentences for people who attack officers, as new figures show a rise in the number of assaults against them. New Government statistics reveal that a total of 2,198 West Yorkshire Police officers were assaulted over 2019/20 compared to 1,897 in 2018/19. Over 460 of those assaults left…

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New Taser 7 To Be Rolled Out

Date posted: September 13, 2020

“The T7 is a more modern, effective and safer device,” the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) has said, as the Home Secretary approves the new-model Taser’s use. Taser 7 is faster and more accurate and compact than previous models and will reduce costs for forces by using rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones….

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