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Physical Wellbeing

This booklet provides information around all officers health and wellbeing. For more information please click here.

Depending on what stages of your life you are in will depend what you need to think about regarding your health, you may be preparing for pregnancy, going through the menopause or looking for answers to women’s health queries. Whatever stage you’re at, it’s important to understand and look after your own health.

Download the Women’s Health Guide (May 2021)

Police Treatment Centre

The Police Treatment Centres is a registered charity supported by voluntary donations from serving police officers primarily in the northern forces of England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but also from British Transport Police, the Civil Nuclear Constabulary and the Ministry of Defence Police. Officers currently make a donation from their pay of £1.80 per week (1 September 2011).

Visit our website


Physiowise is a physiotherapy and sports injury clinic based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Run by Lee Robinson, a chartered and state registered physiotherapist, with over 20 years’ experience.

The clinic is designed to assess, treat, rehabilitate and educate local residents and sports people who are suffering from any musculo-skeletal problems and injuries. These include neck, back, shoulder, arm, hip knee and ankle problems.

The clinic is situated in a pleasant and enduring property that was built in the 1830s as Cliff Field Cottage in the heart of Wakefield city centre. With plenty of free parking, it is a short walk from the local railway and bus stations as well as ideally located for easy access from the M1 and M62 motorway networks. They will offer a discount of up to 25% (Prices start from £25) to serving police officers and up to 15% (Prices start from £28) to immediate family members.

Please contact the Federation office on 01924 295494/5 for your discount code.

For more information please click here.

NHS Nutrition Information

It is important to eat well and keep active to maintain a balance diet. For more information please click here.

Bluline Health Fund offers cover for the cost of treatment of short term acute conditions in private hospitals or as a private patient in an NHS hospital.

Bluline Health Fund has been established by the Police Federations of Gloucestershire, West Mercia and West Yorkshire to administer their discretionary health funds. We believe we offer excellent value for money comparing the cost of premiums and the amount of coverage on offer.

Simply make one, affordable payment every month, and you can join the many thousands of police officers, community support officers and administration personnel who already rely on Bluline for the medical treatment they need.

No-one understands your needs as well as we do; and we judge each case accordingly.

Bluline can pay for consultations with experts, x-rays, scans, hi-tech investigations and hospital treatment as well as physiotherapy.

For more information please click here

The below gyms offer discounts to police officer and police staff.

Pure Gym

For more information on what puregym have to offer please visit their website. For more information please click here.


25% Discount to all federation members! Gyms at Xscape and Wakefield. For more information please click here.

Iveridge Health Club

£44 per month for a 12 month agreement, the first month will include an additional £50 results fee. For the first 4 weeks members will meet with a personal trainer for an hour each week and will have a full health and fitness assessment at the start of the 4 week plan and one again at the end of the 4 weeks.

£484 upfront payment means you get a 12 month membership for the price of 11 plus the additional £50 results fee (total payment £534) for the 4 week personal trainer package when joining online.

For more information please click here and quote ‘fit4work’ or call on 0113 2887666.

DW Gym Offer

6 month min term direct debit peak £34 / off peak £25.50.

  • 1 x personal training session plus programme.
  • 3 x guest passes.

6 months upfront Peak £204 / Off peak £153.

  • 1 x personal training session plus programme.
  • 6 x guest passes.

Annual Upfront Peak £408 / Off peak £306

  • 2 months free.
  • 2 personal training sessions plus programmes.
  • 12 x guest passes.

All members receive 10% off in the club store and access to any other DW Sports Fitness Club.

For more information or to make an appointment please call the gym directly on 01924 444450.

Mental Wellbeing

We run talking groups for men who have either been through a storm, are currently going through a storm or have a storm brewing in life.


Visit Website

Please click here to access management tools, help and advice on how to cope and manage with stress.

Depending on what stages of your life you are in will depend what you need to think about regarding your health, you may be preparing for pregnancy, going through the menopause or looking for answers to women’s health queries. Whatever stage you’re at, it’s important to understand and look after your own health.

Download the Women’s Health Guide (May 2021)

Amanda is a fully qualified counsellor and hypnotherapist, a registered member and bound by both the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) Ethical Framework for Good Practice and the GHSC (General Hypnotherapy Standards Council) Code of Ethics.

View PDF for more information

For information of independent counselling and support services please click here and visit the helpful information section.

For advice and guidance on this subject, please click here.

Employment law for Police Federation members

We’re committed to protecting police officers’ rights at work, and we advise Police Federation members on all relevant areas of employment.

This highly specialist area not only requires extensive technical legal knowledge, but also an in-depth understanding of police work and the wider issues that affect police officers at work. Our long history working with the Police Federation gives us the experience and understanding needed to best support you.

Our specially trained employment lawyers are on hand to help and provide practical advice on all employment issues, including:

  • All aspects of Police Regulations
  • Discrimination and equality issues
  • Pension disputes
  • Working time issues
  • Whistleblowing
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Medical retirement
  • Attendance and performance

Contact your local brand board in the first instance for more information

The coronavirus threat is ongoing. We are aware of the potential harm the virus can cause especially to those most at risk. In most people’s lives there are frail or vulnerable relations.

Those working on the front line are constantly reminded of their own vulnerability when they support someone suffering with the virus, and are fearful not just for themselves, but also of taking the virus home to their loved ones.

For those working on the front line they are experiencing more exposure to deaths and this can intensify their own feelings of vulnerability, particularly when they can identify and empathise with the bereaved.

Read more

Financial Wellbeing

West Yorkshire Police Benevolent Fund

A Registered Charity administered from the Federation Office.


The object of the Charity is to relieve financial hardship by providing grants to the following when they are in “necessitous circumstances”:

  • Serving Officers
  • Retired Officers
  • Police Widows/Widowers
  • Examples of previous grants:
  • Financial assistance for house repairs
  • Money towards emergency childcare
  • Mattress for a terminally ill pensioner
  • Wheelchair for seriously ill retired officer
  • Special chair for terminally ill serving officer
  • Calliper for wife of a serving officer

Loans Fund

This is an offshoot of the Benevolent Fund and is run by a sub-committee of the Benevolent Fund.

The funds originate from the Benevolent Fund donations.

It is to assist serving officers who are in severe financial difficulties by awarding them an interest free loan. When a loan is given to them it is repaid with monthly deductions from their salary.

When a request comes in the officer has to complete a Financial Statement which asks for details of their income and outgoings, the amount requested, the reason for the request and how they propose to repay the money.

It would be expected that the officer had already taken advice on debt management from PayPlan (or a similar organisation such as the CAB).

Police Credit Union

Loans and savings for the police and law enforcement family.

As our membership grows, we try hard to extend your choices, while keeping things straightforward and easy to arrange. Our range of simple savings accounts and responsible loans are offered online and through a network of local branches. Our staff are also here to give you the right information to help you make an informed choice.

Straightforward loans with no hidden charges

Loan decisions not based on credit score alone. Interest rate not dependent on credit score

Types of Loans:

  • Starter Loan – For lesser amounts
  • Resourcer Fixed Term Loan – For when you need to borrow a little extra
  • Responder top-up credit facility – For when you need a bit of flexibility
  • Reloader Overdraft/ Credit Card Alternative – For life’s little surprises
  • Optimiser Loan – Higher Loan, Lower Rate
  • Helper Loan – Alternative to Pay Day Loans

Local branch for West Yorkshire 0845 241 7513

No1 CopperPot

Are you looking to borrow?

You can apply for loans of up to £25,000 unsecured as soon as you join the Credit Union. You can borrow for a range of purposes including a new car, holiday, or even debt consolidation. Loan applications are based on your affordability not your credit score alone.

  • You can apply for loans straight away
  • No representative loan rates – the rate you see IS the rate you get
  • Loans can be repaid direct from your payroll
  • Loan calculator available on our website
  • Life Protection is included on our loans (read more about our terms and conditions)
  • Repay your loan at any time with no added cost or hidden fees

You can read about our loans here.

COPS – Care of Police Survivors

COPS is a UK registered charity dedicated to helping the families of police officers who have lost their lives on duty, rebuild their lives. It aims to ensure that survivors have all the help they need to cope with such a tragedy, and that they remain part of the police family.

Telephone – 0844 893 2055

Blue Lamp Foundation

PC David Rathband had the idea of starting this Foundation while lying in a hospital bed recovering from horrific injuries after being shot by Raoul Moat in the early hours of 4th July 2010 in Newcastle. In the weeks after the incident David came to realise how some members of the emergency services and their families may experience significant financial hardship after being injured in the line of duty. He had the idea of starting a charity which would provide emergency financial aid to cover unexpected costs such as hospital car parking charges, emergency child care costs and travel costs to help relatives visit from abroad.

All of our grants are available to all operational personnel of the United Kingdom’s Police, Fire and Ambulance services who work on either a full-time, part-time or voluntary basis, who become injured whilst carrying out their duty. We have four types of grants available, each focusing on offering support in different ways from recouping expenses to physical rehabilitation. Please take a few moments to read the information on this page about what these are and what they could potentially do for you. If you are unsure as to how we might be able to help you, please get in touch and one of our team will be happy to discuss your case with you in confidence and without obligation.

Telephone – 0871 2345 999

The Police Children’s Charity

The Police Children’s Charity is a registered Charity which aims to support Police families by helping to ease the financial pressures of bringing up children in the face of life-changing circumstances. These circumstances could involve the death of the Police Donor Parent or their partner, or where the Police Donor takes early medical retirement. This applies to both on and off duty incidents or issues.

The Charity also provides financial assistance to support the mental health and wellbeing of the children of Serving Police Donors.

The Police put their lives on the line every day to keep our neighbourhoods and communities safe and free from crime. While no amount of money can replace a Parent, support from the Charity can provide a degree of financial certainly in difficult times.

Support the Charity and together we can help safeguard our beneficiary children’s future.

Individuals eligible for the Charity’s benefits are children of;

  • Serving Police Officers who hold the ‘Office of Constable’
  • Police Community Support Officers
  • Special Constables
  • Detention and Custody Officers employed by the Police and Crime Commissioner or the Chief Constable
  • Police Staff Investigators (including CSIs & Civilian Investigators)
  • Retired Officers who were within an eligible Serving Police role (as defined above) (for the majority of their service in a force within the PTC constituency) serving for a minimum of 20 years.


  • Eligible role who, during their Police service contribute, or if now Retired continue to contribute, a weekly voluntary donation to support the Charity’s aims and objectives.

Website –

Police Care UK

Police Care UK are the charity for serving and veteran police officers and staff, volunteers, and their families.

They’re independent of the police service, and are funded entirely by donations and fundraising – receiving no money from government or forces for their work.

You can access practical, emotional and financial support that is confidential and impartial by submitting a referral for you or someone you know.

Website –

Telephone – 0300 012 0030


Poverty just loves to destroy lives. It breaks families apart, isolates people from friends and family, shatters confidence and drives many to think that suicide is the only way out.

UK poverty is real, with millions locked in its miserable grip. We’re not prepared to sit back and let it wreak havoc across our nation.

In a just and compassionate society, no one should be trapped in their home, afraid to open the door or answer the phone. No one should wake up wondering where they’ll find the money to feed their children or heat their home. No one should have to be alone, especially when times are tough.

That’s why CAP is on a mission. To restore hope for those who are lost and hurting. In partnership with incredible local churches across the UK, we’re bringing life-changing freedom and good news to people in desperate need.

For more information click here

Farleys Solicitors LLP

Free Debt Advice from Mark Skinner of Farleys Solicitors LLP

As part of your Group Insurance Legal Expenses Policy, you’re entitled to free debt advice from my firm, Farleys Solicitors LLP, where I’ll be your primary contact. I can give you advice and information on a full range of debt-related areas including:

  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA)
  • Bankruptcy
  • Debt Management Plans (DMPs)
  • County Court applications
  • Mortgages arrears
  • Unsecured debt arrears

My aim is to help you find the right solution to your individual debt problems, based on the type and amount of your debts, and other aspects of your financial circumstances.

Start managing your debts today

The sooner you take action to tackle your debts, the sooner you can start moving on with your life. Please call me today on 0845 050 1958 for free, confidential, specialist debt advice on the phone, or to set up a meeting at one of my debt surgeries.

For more information click here

Aperture – Experts in Brighter Futures

If you are struggling with debt or know someone who is, then you’ve arrived in the right place. No matter what your level of debt or your individual circumstances, you should know:

1. You are not alone. We deal with people with widely varying levels of debt and for many of them, struggling with their debts alone can have an impact on other areas of their life, such as family life and relationships.

2. We are here to help, not judge or lecture. We treat our clients as we’d like to be treated ourselves and that’s what sets us apart.

3. We are trained experts, here to help you find the right solution that is best for your individual needs. We will also continue to support you through the entire process and throughout the life of your IVA.

An IVA could be an option for you if:

  • You have unsecured debts of over £7,000
  • You have something to offer a) Disposable income from £50 per mont

b) Lump sum (full and final offer)

  • You have 2 or more creditors

Once approved, an IVA:

  • Legally stops all interest and charges on your debts
  • Prevents your creditors contacting you or taking legal action
  • Protects your assets: your property, vehicle, job or tenancy

We offer face-to-face meetings as well as telephone appointments and you can contact your local advisor, Gillian Downing,

to discuss your options on 07970871508 or

Police CU

Police CU is a free employee benefit which is here to help our members save, but also there if they need to borrow throughout their career. We are passionate about improving the financial resilience of those who serve and protect the nation – with over 37,000 members including Police Officers, Staff, Retirees and their family members.

Here to help you save, there if you need to borrow

We help our members prepare for the future, through a range of flexible saving accounts with repayments straight from their pay. To join the Credit Union every member must save a minimum of £10 per month into a Regular Saver. It is completely free to join and members can change the amount they save at any time.

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we are owned by and run for our members. This means that at the end of the financial year, members receive a return on their savings in the form of an annual dividend. In the last financial year (2019-20) 1.2% was paid on our Regular Savings account.

Police CU is also there to help its members if they ever need a loan – providing access to an ethical form of affordable credit, with loan repayments straight from their pay.

Fixed Term Loans are available to Police CU members looking to borrow between £500 and £25,000, payable over a repayment period of between 6 and 96 months. These are ideal for car purchases, home improvements, holidays and consolidating existing debt.

Key Benefits

  • 1.2% Dividend Paid 2019-20 Financial Year
  • Loans of up to £25,000
  • Repayments straight from your pay
  • Life Cover on savings and loans at no extra cost
  • No early repayment penalties or hidden fees
  • Not-for-profit organisation ‘owned by and run for our members’

Join today for free

For more information and to become a member of Police CU, visit:

Barnes Clark Family Law

We are a specialist niche family law firm offering West Yorkshire Police officers and Police staff a 40% discount on our hourly rate.

Barnes Clark Family law is based in the centre of the West Yorkshire Police district. We are local solicitors who are familiar with the local Courts and are only ever a maximum of 30 minutes from any of the West Yorkshire Courts. We specialise in all family law areas and have particular expertise in dealing with police pensions on divorce.

We offer a free, no obligation initial appointment which can be arranged around your availability at our office or at the monthly surgeries held at the federation office.


Our office is out of town with ample free parking and only five minutes from M62 junctions 25 and 26

To find out more about our personal, affordable and reliable service visit our web page or call us on 01274 861096.

Gorvins Family Law – Nicola Fraser

Nicola’s specialism comprises all areas of Family Law including divorce, complex financial matters, pensions, issues relating to children, and domestic violence. Whether you’re facing a divorce, separation or want the right to see your children, it’s essential that you get advice from a solicitor who understands your needs.

Police divorce cases are unique. They involve your most valuable and hard-earned possession – your pension. Most solicitors are unfamiliar with the effect a divorce can have on your pension. This lack of knowledge could cost you, as you won’t receive clear advice on all the options available. The Gorvins Family Law team have years of experience, dealing with all aspects of police divorce. We are the only firm in the country with this experience and are in the enviable position of being able to provide specialist representation. Because we completely understand the financial pressures that you face as a Police Officer, our number one priority is to get you the best settlement while delivering value for money.

With Gorvins Solicitors you can rest assured you will receive personal service with:

  • Experts in police pension treatment on divorce and dissolution
  • First appointment free
  • Discounted rates for Officer, Police personnel and their families
  • Over 15 years representing Police Officers across the UK on family matters
  • Local advice surgeries and telephone appointments

“It has been such a relief to get a fair settlement and I put this down to your superior knowledge and experience. I will certainly recommend Gorvins Police Divorce.”

“Gorvins are absolutely professional at all times. Going through divorce is so stressful that I appreciated their straight talk and no nonsense approach.”

Call Nicola for a confidential chat on 0845 6347 999 or email

Linder Myers

The Linder Myers family law department provides expert legal advice for individuals, couples and families with children, in both same sex and heterosexual relationships. They offer expert advice in family law ranging from divorce to money and property.

Click on the link for more information

Family law for Police Federation members

Getting a divorce is never easy, especially on top of the pressure of police work.  At Slater and Gordon, we offer Police Federation members a free initial consultation, a competitively priced fixed-fee divorce package and discounted hourly rates. We’ll be with you every step of the way, so you can focus on your job and let us deal with everything else.

Our nationwide team of family lawyers have unique experience of dealing with complex police divorce cases. All our family specialists have undertaken an intense training programme to ensure they’re fully equipped to advise on every aspect of police culture, pay, pensions and shift pattern.  No one understands better the unique pressures of police work and how to protect your rights – especially your pension.

We provide access to some of the country’s best family lawyers and offer Police Federation members and police personnel:

  • A free initial appointment at a time convenient to you, outside of office hours where required
  • A reduced fixed-fee petitioner divorce of £420 (inc. VAT) plus court fee
  • An expert team with over 10 years’ experience of police family law
  • A local family law representative for your area
  • Discounted rates

If you think we could help, call us for a free family consultation on 0808 175 7710.

Weightmans – Family

A family law team you can trust – Weightmans LLP

  • Free on site car parking at our Leeds office
  • Significantly discounted rates for Pol Fed members
  • First 30 min of initial appointment free of charge
  • A fixed rate divorce on request
  • Specialist knowledge of police pension schemes

We advise on all aspects of family law including:

  • Divorce
  • Financial settlements and negotiations
  • Arrangements for children
  • Cohabitee disputes
  • Pre and post nuptial agreements

We understand the importance of combining efficiency and value for money with a sympathetic approach.

For an initial appointment please contact Louise Walker, the head of our family team in Leeds, on 0113 213 4028.

The Covid-19 crisis continues to affect everyone across the world. The lockdown has also brought significant consumer behavioural change and major impacts on the gambling industry.

The pandemic has been a struggle for those suffering with a gambling addiction. This is mostly due to boredom and isolation, but with money being freed-up from mortgage, loan and credit card providers increasing the risk. For many people gambling gives feelings of excitement which then leads them to want to feel this again and therefore gamble more. Due to the lack of sporting events at the start of lockdown many problem gamblers moved towards riskier products, such as online casino games.

Read more

Group Insurance

West Yorkshire Police Federation Group Insurance Scheme – Philip Williams & Co

If you are a Federation subscriber you can join the Group Insurance scheme, £29.25 for single membership and £36.24 for member plus spouse membership. The benefits included are:

  • Group Life Assurance
  • Critical Illness Protection
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Sick Pay Insurance
  • Worldwide Travel Insurance
  • Legal Expenses
  • Motor Breakdown Cover
  • Home Emergency Cover
  • Health Assured
  • Mobile Phone Cover
  • GP24

View the Scheme Benefits PDF for more information or ring 01924 295 494/5

Police Insure

At Police Insure they recognise that hunting around to find cheap car insurance can be a minefield, with over 20 years experience in supplying insurance they’re here to help. Now offering specially discounted Police insurance to all serving & retired Police Officers, Specials, Staff and Partners. They work closely with a select panel of the UK’s top insurers which allows them to offer these amazing discounted Police Insurance rates.

Why choose our Police Car Insurance?

  • Up to 40% discount for all serving and retired Police Officers, Specials, Staff and Partners
  • FREE courtesy car on fully comp policies
  • Optional Drivers Legal Protection
  • Up to 65% No Claims Discount
  • Also insure Classic Cars

“Took your advice and contacted Police Insure re my car. The quote I got back was £550 cheaper than my present insurer. As it was up for renewal at the end of the month I chose to swap.”

Learn more about Police Insure by visiting

Call 0161 762 4416


Background – The insurance scheme was set up ten years ago at The Royal Ulster Constabulary Athletic Association incorporating The Police Service of Northern Ireland in Belfast to provide a quality insurance product for serving and retired officers, support staff and their families. The products offered are Motor, Motorcycle, Home & Contents – Buy to Let. The scheme has been extended over the past few years to include other GB police forces including West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, West Midlands, Lancashire and Northumbria.

Advantages are Quality insurance scheme offering exceptional value and service. All information securely held. No cross selling from other businesses. Free phone number for our customers.

“I saved £137 on my house insurance with Abbey and the service was excellent.”

“My insurance company quoted me £600, Abbey managed to get me a policy with exactly the same cover for £350 – protected bonus, courtesy car, business use etc. It is well worth giving them a bell.”

Freephone 0800 7833211

Police Mutual

Personal injury service for Police Federation members

You’re covered for all injuries and accidents, both on and off duty, excluding road traffic accidents. Cover also extends to members of your family injured in the same or separate incidents.

Our expert personal injury lawyers have extensive knowledge of the unique losses that can affect police officers injured in the line of duty, and we work to recover these as part of your compensation.

We’re experienced in helping officers in all areas of personal injury, either on or off duty, and with us, your claim won’t cost you or the Police Federation anything – even if the claim is unsuccessful – as we take all the risk.  If your claim is successful, you’ll retain 100% of your damages.

Contact your local branch board in the first instance for more information.

Legal support for Police Federation members from Slater and Gordon

At Slater and Gordon, we provide a suite of tailored legal services to officers both on and off-duty. We’re specialists in Police Federation legal advice and understand the intricacies of police work. So, whenever you need us, we’re ready to help.

Our lawyers have been supporting Police Federation members for over 60 years

Our experience working with the police community is exceptional, with our lawyers having supported Police Federation members for more than six decades.

This level of experience provides us with a comprehensive understanding of the many challenges police officers face in their admirable work, and in turn how best to support. We’re ready to help, whenever you need us, so that you can focus on the important job at hand.

How we can support you

Our lawyers will have an initial discussion with you to ensure they understand your situation fully, enabling them to provide the very best advice possible. They’ll then talk you through your options, avoiding unnecessary jargon and clearly outlining the steps ahead.

We can help with:

Need assistance?

If you need legal advice or support, simply contact your Police Federation representative in the first instance who’ll put you in contact with our team of experts, or you can call us directly on 0845 601 1907.

Our lawyers can support you face-to-face at one of our local offices, via phone, email, or video call- whatever’s easiest for you.

Linder Myers

Linder Myers offers members of the police family discounted fixed price legal fees for residential conveyancing. Please contact us on 0800 042 0700 or visit our website to obtain more information or a quote.

NO1 CopperPot

No1 CopperPot Credit Union offers mortgages exclusively for the Police Family. We have payroll deduction available with West Yorkshire Police, allowing you to repay your mortgage directly from your wage.

  • You can buy your first home, move home or remortgage
  • Repay direct from your payroll
  • No application or arrangement fees
  • Loan to Value of up to 90%
  • Borrow from £25,000 – £500,000
  • In-house Mortgage Advisers
  • Personal service from start to finish

If you want to arrange to speak to one of our Mortgage Advisers you can request a call back. Alternatively you can visit our website for more information


Police Federation Mortgages

We specialise in delivering a fantastic mortgage service to police officers, staff and their families.

Information that you may find useful when considering buying a new property, switching lenders or releasing equity from your home.

Police Federation Mortgages has been providing advice and arranging mortgages for Police Officers for many years now and in 2008 became part of Hanson Financial Partners, a national Chartered Financial Planning group. The mortgage service is mainly telephone and email based to fit around the unique schedule that police officers work to. We find that this is the way that is most convenient to our clients. Our deep understanding of the mortgage market and how it applies to police officers means we can quickly identify the lenders who will welcome the applications and filter the deals to find the best for the individual circumstances of each client.

Police Mutual Mortgages

Fee-Free Telephone Mortgage Clinics

  • Fee-Free advice on the right mortgage for you as a first-time buyer or home mover
  • Fee-Free advice on how you could save money by remortgaging
  • Fee-Free advice on buy-to-let mortgages if you’re investing in property
  • Fee-Free advice on releasing capital so you can renovate your home

Ridley & Hall Solicitors – 10% discount offered through the police federation.

Property sale or purchase – can we still instruct solicitors in the lockdown?

Here at Ridley & Hall incorporating Bashforth Young Solicitor this is a question that we are being frequently asked and the answer in short is yes.

If you were thinking of purchasing a property or selling your property pre lockdown there is no reason why you cannot start this process with solicitors whilst in lockdown.

A property transaction consists of many stages and standard form filling. Instruct us to complete all the standard work NOW so that you are in a strong position post lockdown. Some instructions such as sales on probate matters and investment purchases can even be completed in the lockdown if the property is empty.

Whatever your circumstances our home workers are here to talk you through these difficult times we are still very much business as usual at Ridley & Hall incorporating Bashforth Young Solicitor.

Tel: 01977 649922

Visit our website
View PDF offer

Property service for Police Federation members

Slater and Gordon offer a complete range of property and conveyancing law advice and services.  We deal with all aspects of residential and leasehold conveyancing, including re-mortgaging and transfers of equity.

Conveyancing doesn’t have to be complicated. We guide you through the process and keep you updated every step of the way.

At each step, we work to protect your best interests, and we’ll make sure you receive fast, effective advice to enable your transaction to run as smoothly and as stress-free as possible.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, up-sizing, downsizing, buying or selling, we can help.

Our services include:

  • Sales and purchases of house and flats
  • Re-mortgages
  • Transfers of equity
  • Shared ownership, including staircasing transactions
  • Off-plan purchases
  • Tenancies

We offer Police Federation members 10% discount off our conveyancing fees. Our property specialists operate across the country and can offer immediate and accessible representation anywhere in the UK.

Get a free, no obligation quote in minutes with our online conveyancing calculator and apply your Police Federation discount code: WYK999 to receive 10% off.

Weightmans – Residential conveyancing

A property team you can trust – Weightmans LLP

  • Free on site car parking at our Leeds office
  • Significantly discounted rates for Pol Fed members

Buying or selling your home is one of the most important things you will do.

Whatever your plans, our team can guide you through this process and ensure that your transaction is quick and easy.

We deal with the following:

  • Sales / Purchases of property
  • Remortgages
  • Transfers of equity
  • Trust deeds
  • Equity release
  • Auction sales

Please contact Melissa Cook on 0113 213 4029 for more information or a quote.

Your Home Mortgages

We are pleased to announce a new working relationship with a local Mortgage Broker, Neil Fraser of Your Home Mortgages. This relationship will provide our members with Friendly, Local, Professional Mortgage & Insurance Advice at a time and place to suit you. What’s more, we have agreed this service will be provided on a FEE FREE basis, so no costs to you.

Neil specialises in mortgages for Police Officers and Emergency Services and he prides himself on the comprehensive service he will provide to you. To arrange an appointment please contact Neil on:

Landline: 01924 201773
Mobile: 07488312801

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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Sarah Siddons, St James’s Place Wealth Management

Sarah Siddons Financial Planning, Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management, is proud to offer a bespoke wealth advice service to retiring police officers. Sarah is experienced at working with retiring officers predominantly within West Yorkshire Police, advising them generally about how to restructure their financial situation and providing important peace of mind to help them maximise income in retirement. By understanding your individual needs, we can introduce a service aimed at helping you gain control of your financial future. To facilitate ongoing and regular reviews of your financial circumstances. Organising forums and seminars that enable you to be kept up-to-date with the latest financial issues. Using in-depth knowledge and expertise to offer support and guidance to help you and your family through any unexpected events experienced during your career and throughout retirement.

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Legacy Financial Estate Planning

We offer a no obligation education & advice clinic at the Federation office for all police, police staff and family members. 

Our services:

  • Wills
  • Probate
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Property Protection Trust
  • Business Trust
  • Final Wish Statements

We offer:

  • Bespoke Pricing to all Police staff with thanks to the federation

We Believe in a straight talking approach, We’re the new guys on the block and there’s a reason for it. Having built up a reputation for providing other financial services such as Mortgages and Retirement planning we want to offer you the protection you may need.

To book an appointment, please call the Federation office on 35194 or 01924 295494/5 or James McGowan on 07508 412282 / 01226 643271 Or Joseph Musson on 07703 412710

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Ridley and Hall Incorporating Bashforth-Young – Wills, Probate & More

We offer a free advice clinic at the Federation office for all police, police staff and family members. 

Our services include:

  • Wills
  • Probate
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Court of Protection

We offer:

  • Free basic will service for all Federation members.
  • 20% discount on more complex wills and/or other matters. Offer applies to family members too.

NB. If your assets (including property, cash, insurances, death in service) amount to over £1million then we will not be able to take your instructions. Please consider the size of your estate before booking an appointment.

To arrange an appointment or obtain further information, please call the Federation office on 35194 or 01924 295494/5 or Lynsey Bashforth directly on 01977 649922.

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Lasting Power of Attorney offer From Linder Myers

At Linder Myers we understand you want to do your best to make life easier and more secure for your family and for you. Great ways to do this are to make a Lasting Power or Attorney (LPA), to deal with property, financial, health and welfare issues should you become unwell or the unexpected happen, and to make a Will leaving clear instructions for those who survive you.

Linder Myers have a special offer for our members of a LPA at a special rate and including a free will. An LPA is a legal document that enables you to choose someone (the Attorney) to make decisions and act on your behalf when you no longer wish or lack the ability to do so. A financial LPA deals with your finances and property, whilst a health and welfare LPA looks after your medical decisions and care needs.

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Weightmans – Wills, Trusts, Tax & Probate

A personal service for future planning for you and your family from Weightmans LLP

  • Free on site car parking at our Leeds office
  • Significantly discounted rates for Pol Fed members

Services include:

  • Reviewing and preparing Wills
  • Reviewing and preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Asset preservation and inheritance tax planning
  • Estate Administration (Probate)
  • Court of Protection applications
  • Disputes arising following a death

Achieve reassurance and peace of mind by getting your affairs in order. We can assist as much or as little as necessary to guide you through the potentially complex process of administering the estate of a loved one.

Please contact James Clarkson on 0113 213 4182 to arrange a free, non-obligatory appointment.

Will, trusts and estates for Police Federation members

Many people put off making a will, but writing a will ensures that your wishes regarding your money, possessions and property are carried out in the event of your death.

Our specialist lawyers take the time to understand your needs and suggest innovative, bespoke solutions to protect your assets, giving you peace of mind that your estate is handled, and your loved ones are taken care of.

As a Police Federation member, you have access to a range of discounted services. We’re able to advise in all areas of wills, trusts and probate, including:

  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Domicile issues
  • Business succession planning
  • Care home fee planning
  • Lasting powers of attorney
  • Probate and estate administration

If your requirements are straightforward, we also offer Police Federation members a document only will that you can complete online, free of charge.

Choosing the right will is quick and straightforward with our online wills selector. Simply answer the on-screen questions and the selector will suggest a will based on your answers.

Once you’ve selected your will, set-up an account and follow the on-screen questions to insert your wishes. When completed, print the will and follow the instructions to get it signed and witnessed. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

At the checkout, enter your Police Federation discount code: WYK999. This’ll be applied to the final purchase price.

If you have complex requirements or would prefer to speak to a member of the team, please contact Slater and Gordon’s wills team on 0845 601 1908.

Complex or offline wills may incur a charge; however, discounts are available to Police Federation members. Speak to your wills advisor for more details.

Holiday Homes & Relaxation

Bookings are now being taken for 2022

Thank you to everyone who has supported us by booking B&B in recent years – we are delighted to see many of our guests returning time after time to enjoy our hospitality.

Whether you want to explore the beautiful Yorkshire or Perthshire countryside or get involved with the plentiful activities on offer in each area, our two Centres have something for everyone.

It’s worth remembering that all funds raised go straight back into the charity, enabling us to upgrade existing facilities and services.

Please note:
Our B&B offer is open to all members of the police family, serving or retired officers and police staff, from anywhere in the UK. Terms & Conditions apply – full details on our website and on our booking form.

At least one member of your party must have a police connection, allowing you to bring along friends and family, however no Bookings will be accepted for children under the age of 16 years.

No access to the swimming pool or rehab gym will be permitted.

Rooms are processed on a first come, first served basis.

View our PDF for pricing information.

Book here at our website

We currently own 4 Holiday Homes for serving Police Officers to use. To view the different Holiday Homes and how to book click here.

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