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Advice & Guidance

Police Contact Incidents

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in any type of Police Contact Incident – you need, and are entitled to Legal, Medical and / or Federation advice BEFORE you give ANY type of account.

Should you be involved in any of the following incidents, or are unsure of anything when asked for an account, reserve your position and immediately contact Force Duty Ops / FSUP on EXT 20352, who will contact the emergency on call representative for you.

  • Fatal and Serious Injury RTCs
  • Suicides
  • Deaths in Custody
  • Firearms Incidents resulting in death, serious injury or negligent discharge
  • Use of Force
  • IPCC Investigations

Remember – Protect Yourself – seek advice before you say anything. Do not be pressured into giving an account – it’s not easy saying no to someone of higher rank or the IPCC – just say that you will be “reserving your position until you have sought legal and or federation advice”.

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