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Message From Chairman

The Federation is the official body that negotiates terms, conditions and allowances with the government and chief officers. We also advise and lobby on professional issues such as equalities, health and safety, misconduct matters, uniform, training and promotion.

The Federation is run by serving Police officers who bring a wealth of professionalism, knowledge and on the job experience combined with honed skills in specialist areas. Our Council is made of up of 54 Federation Reps from all districts and departments to bring a unique diverse set of individuals who can represent the best interests of our members.

Each Federation representative is dedicated to fairness and supporting their colleagues. West Yorkshire Police Federation asks itself two questions when making decisions. “IS THIS IN THE MEMBERS INTEREST? AND HOW DOES IT BENEFIT THEM?” Your Federation works hard for you and I want to dispel the myths of old. “The only thing I get out of my Federation Subscriptions is a diary” Simply not true. I would say, you have been fortunate if that is the case. The diary is paid for by the generous support of the advertisers, people and companies who by donation support you, the members. So I would ask that you to support them. So what do you get? Last year alone £500,000 was spent supporting officers when they found themselves under investigation for on duty allegations. This was in West Yorkshire alone. Circa £100,000 towards counselling and physio for injured members. We have 4 holiday homes that members can utilise at heavily discounted rates. We support our members at Local, Force and National Awards. We also support the families of our fallen colleagues at the National Police Memorial Day.

The organisations biggest assets are its staff. Even in these tough times officers remain dedicated, resolute and focused on serving our local communities. You are all a credit to West Yorkshire Police, because you go the extra mile to keep communities safe. We at West Yorkshire Police Federation will go the extra mile to protect You.

Brian Booth – Chairman

West Yorkshire Police Federation

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