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Message from the Chairman

Welcome to the police service and congratulations on embarking upon one of the most rewarding and challenging careers there is. Yours is a job of great responsibility and one to be very proud of; protecting life and property and upholding the law. Your job will be interesting and far from routine but at times your career will be stressful and you will no doubt encounter many difficult situations.

The Federation is the official body that negotiates your pay, terms and conditions, allowances and pensions with the government, chief officers and the police authority. We also negotiate and lobby on professional issues such as uniform, training, promotion, discipline and health and safety.

The Federation was established in 1919 and has been successfully representing officers and influencing the policing agenda for 90 years since.

The Federation is run entirely by serving police officers, who all bring a wealth of professionalism and on the job experience combined with honed skills in specialist areas such as CID, roads policing and discipline. Each Federation representative is dedicated to fairness and supporting their colleagues.

Aside from our holistic role we also look after you as an individual. Policing is a complex, dangerous and often unpredictable business where at some point in your career you may face something you hadn’t anticipated; an accident on duty, an allegation made by a member of the public or where you may feel you are being treated unfairly in the workplace. Your career and welfare matter to us. We are here to help and to speak on your behalf; individually, regionally and nationally.

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