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West Yorkshire Police Benevolent Fund

A Registered Charity administered from the Federation Office.

The object of the Charity is to relieve financial hardship by providing grants to the following when they are in “necessitous circumstances”:

  • Serving Officers
  • Retired Officers
  • Police Widows/Widowers

Examples of previous grants:

  • Financial assistance for house repairs
  • Money towards emergency childcare
  • Mattress for a terminally ill pensioner
  • Wheelchair for seriously ill retired officer
  • Special chair for terminally ill serving officer
  • Calliper for wife of a serving officer

St George’s Police Children Trust



This is a national fund.

A registered Charity run from St Andrews (the Police Treatment Centre in Harrogate).

It provides for children whose parent being a serving officer, dies or is totally incapable of earning a living by reason of illness or injury.

The children receive a weekly allowance, the amount dependant on financial circumstances.

They also receive birthday, holiday and Christmas gifts.

The parent needs to have contributed to the fund during their time as a serving officer. However in certain circumstances, usually if the officer has died on duty, a request can be put in for consideration.

Police Treatment Centre (Convalescent Home)


A registered charity based in Harrogate.

The charity provides treatment centres in Harrogate and Auchterarder where police officers – serving and retired – can receive intensive physiotherapy and complementary treatments in peaceful and well-maintained surroundings, to aid their return to full health.

The charity is predominantly funded by regular donations from serving officers and in addition by donations from retired officers, members of the public and some police authorities.

Police Dependants’ Trust


The Police Dependants’ Trust is a national charity administered by a small team based in Hampton, London.

The purpose of the charity is to assist in cases of need:

The dependants of serving or former police officers, who die or have died, as a result of an injury received in the execution of their duty; and

Or police officers, or former police officers, who are, or have been, incapacitated as a result of an injury received in the execution of duty, or the dependants of such officers.

The new police charities booklet can be downloaded here, with further information on support available for police officers and their families.

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