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Survey Gives Insight Into Policing Reality

West Yorkshire Police officers have been urged to spend a little time completing the new pay and morale survey, which has been launched by the Police Federation of England and Wales this month.

For the first time, the research will examine demand and capacity, in response to the pressure police officers are experiencing at work.

Craig Nicholls, Chair of West Yorkshire Police Federation, said: “This time we can gather the evidence around the demand and the capacity, around the welfare issues, and these are the things that we can provide to Government and the stakeholders.

“These are the things that we can give, also, to the public as a bit of an insight into the realities of what policing is and how it currently stands.

“If we can give not only the Government, an idea about how we are and where we’re at, but also the public, it might just give them a behind-the-scenes kind of view of the pressure that we are under and how the cost of living affects everybody, including emergency service workers, and how that is affecting the morale of officers that have to come to work.”

The findings from the 2022 Pay and Morale Survey will provide strategically important evidence to support our ongoing national pay campaign, calling for fair remuneration for police officers, and an independent pay mechanism.

It will also enable PFEW to highlight areas where change is needed and support our drive towards improving working conditions for officers in those key areas.
The Pay and Morale Survey is conducted by PFEW’s in-house Research Department and is the only consistent national survey that represents members’ attitudes to pay and conditions.

Date posted: September 3, 2022

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