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You Deserve A Proper Pay Rise

Police officers are thousands of pounds worse off than they were 10 years ago as wages fail to keep pace with prices, and some officers are having to live off pay-day loans, West Yorkshire Police Federation has said.

Inflation-adjusted pay for Sergeants and PCs is £5,595 a year lower than a decade ago, according to a TUC report.

Brian Booth, Chairman of West Yorkshire Police Federation, said: “For the past decade the Government has always found a reason to cut police officer pay. Austerity, followed by COVID.

“But the real reason officers have had it harder than any other profession is due to the fact that they have no industrial rights and no fair mechanism to address poor pay and conditions. In real terms, officer pay is an easy target.”

He added that the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) “has had its hands tied”. Last year the Police Federation of England and Wales withdrew its support of the PRRB, saying it was not fit for purpose.

Brian said: “The PRRB has had its hands tied by each Home Secretary, and has not been allowed to do its role, which is to assess fair pay for police officers. We are seeing more and more evidence of officers struggling to meet their monthly bills, living off credit cards and pay-day loans.”

He called for a meaningful pay rise for police officers, saying: “The pressures on policing have never been as high, with demand, expectations and poor mental health soaring. I would like to see the Government recognise this in 2022 and award a pay rise that takes into account the past 10 years of hardship that officers have had to face.”

Date posted: February 26, 2022

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