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Meet Your Federation Reps: Darren Millar

What’s your role at West Yorkshire Police?
I’m a neighbourhood policing team officer. I’ve been an officer for 13 years, and I was a PCSO for three-and-a-half years before that. I’ve been a Fed rep for nearly two years, at Calderdale.

What made you decide to become a Fed rep?
At the beginning of my police service I had a traumatic incident. The Federation helped me through that, and I found them really supportive.
Then with any issues that have come up over the years, I’ve always had the support of the Federation.
I just figured it’s time to pay it back a bit, because without that support I would have been absolutely clueless about where to go. I found the Federation help valuable and I thought I could help alleviate other people’s worries.

Is it rewarding to help other officers?
Yes, things have slowed down with COVID, but it’s about providing ongoing support, just to be there at the end of the phone when somebody’s worried about what’s going on, and being a voice of reason.
We can’t solve everything, but they’ve got somebody to sound off to in confidence, they’ve got that bit of support.

How do you manage to juggle everything?
I’m helping with a couple of misconduct cases, seeing them to fruition. Some of these cases are coming up to 12 months now, so they’re taking a long time. But it’s manageable, as there are three reps at Calderdale.

I’m looking to increase my skills and my portfolio, which will extend the ways in which I can help members in the future.

Date posted: January 4, 2022

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