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Meet Your Federation Reps: Shakil Ahmed

You’ve been a Fed Rep since the start of September this year – why did you decide to take on the role?
“I just really wanted to help out my colleagues and do what I can for them. I’ve seen and heard a lot of things during my time on the force and have had contact with the Federation before, so I’m in quite a good place to help people, I think.”

What are you looking forward to helping your colleagues out with?
“I’ve put my name down for a few courses, including a health and safety course, so I’m hoping to be able to help people out with that. Equality and misconduct are other subjects I’ll be training in, so definitely those areas too.”

Before you became a Federation Rep you amassed a lot of policing experience – is that something you’re hoping to pass on in the Fed Rep role?
“I really hope so, yes. There are a lot of new, younger colleagues in the force, so I’m hoping I can stop them tripping over and making mistakes!”

Date posted: December 12, 2021

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