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Meet Your Federation Reps: Sarah Greenwood

What’s your role in West Yorkshire Police?
“I’ve been in the police for 15 years and I’m a public protection officer for Leeds. I’ve been a Fed Rep for three years.”

Why did you become a Fed Rep?
“It’s always interesting, varied, and there are lots of new things to learn. But really it’s about helping out your colleagues and your friends. Supporting them and trying to help them through the bad times they’re going through. I’ve been through investigations myself, so I’ve seen it all from that point of view and I use the experiences that I’ve had to help other people get through similar things.”

Which area do you specialise in?
“I tend to do the conduct and performance side of things, but aside from the Federation I also do TRiM (Trauma Risk Management), supporting people through traumatic incidents.”

Is being a Fed Rep a rewarding role?
“Definitely. There are some losses, but you try to mitigate them the best you can. But when something comes through and everyone comes out happy, that’s the best thing.”

Date posted: December 5, 2021

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