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Meet Your Federation Reps: Craig Nicholls

What’s your role within the Federation?
“I’m the Deputy Conduct and Performance Liaison Officer. I’m in my fourth year as a Fed Rep, but I’ve been a police officer for 18 years.”

Why did you take on the Fed Rep role?
“It was after the Jo Cox incident [Craig tackled and arrested Thomas Mair moments after Mair fatally stabbed MP Jo Cox; Craig later received a Queen’s Gallantry Medal along with colleague PC Jonathan Wright]. It was a way of paying back the support I received from the police family, and the fact that Federation Vice-Chairman Craig Grandison had come to see us on the day that it all happened. So I wanted to pay something back by giving my extra time to become a Rep.”

Do you find the role challenging? Rewarding?
“Both. You’re still a police officer, and as well as helping members of the public, you’re helping cops. You’re helping their families too, because of the stress investigations put on cops, and the consequences for those people who are assaulted on duty. You can really offer some significant help and support. There’s no better feeling, for me, than to be able to do that.”

Date posted: December 2, 2021

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