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Boost For Maternity Payments

West Yorkshire Police Federation
Photography by Jason Bye
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Police officers on maternity or adoption leave will now receive full pay for 26 weeks. The changes came into effect on 4 January, increasing the entitlement from 18 weeks’ full pay.

The change has been celebrated throughout the service, including by PFEW Secretary Alex Duncan, who described it as a “win-win for both society and the forces”.

He added: “Policing is keen to improve diversity and to be better reflective of society. In order to do this, it’s important not only to attract a more diverse workforce but to retain it.

“This is a positive step in enabling those on maternity or adoption leave to be able to better balance having a family with remaining in the police.”

PFEW pushed for the benefits through the Police Consultative Forum (PCF), the voluntary forum for employer and staff representative bodies.

The new Regulations also state that officers will have the option of receiving half pay from weeks 22 to 31 of their maternity or adoption leave, instead of full pay from weeks 22 to 26, if they choose. Any officer who started their maternity leave after 1 September 2020 will get the new entitlement.

A 2012 survey of all female police officers found that more than four in 10 had seriously considered quitting, with many saying that the force didn’t take into account women’s particular circumstances both when they were pregnant and when they returned to work after having a child.

Since then, police bodies have pushed for reforms to increase diversity and inclusion in policing.

Assistant Commissioner Matt Jukes, NPCC lead for pay and conditions, said the changes were “another positive step towards promoting the wellbeing of our officers, and ensuring that policing attracts and retains the best people”.

He added: “They will support the effective delivery of the Police Uplift Programme to recruit an additional 20,000 officers.”

Date posted: January 9, 2021

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