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Policing COVID Causing Fatigue

Officers are drained by COVID-19 and the constant rule changes, West Yorkshire Police Federation has said.

Andy Rhodes, Chief Constable of Lancashire Police, said officers had been left exhausted by policing the pandemic, with many not getting the rest or the sleep they need.

For Brian Booth, West Yorkshire Police Federation Chairman, officers are more mentally fatigued.

“It can be like Groundhog Day,” he said. “I think officers are sick and tired of the pandemic, the infringements it’s having on their home lives and on their work lives.

“Initially, it was all about the three Es – educate, encourage and explain, but officers are finding they have to take more of an enforcement line when people constantly breach the regulations.

“It’s mentally challenging for them – it’s no wonder the public is confused, if half a mile down the road the rules are different.”

Thankfully officers in West Yorkshire are not suffering widespread exhaustion, Brian added, although he warned that the pandemic was having a slow-burn effect on them.

Date posted: November 4, 2020

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