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Pool Of Promotion Talent Is Being Ignored

Policing is potentially ignoring the ‘pool of talent’ who have already passed Sergeants’ and Inspectors’ exams and are putting acting Sergeants ‘at risk’, the Police Federation of England and Wales has said.

The College of Policing has announced that Sergeant and Inspector exams cancelled in March due to Covid-19 will be held online instead with dates yet to be confirmed.

However, PFEW Professional Development Lead Dave Bamber says officers who have already passed their exams are being ‘overlooked’ and that ‘quick fix’ solutions are being deployed to fill gaps in the service.

He said: “I feel the cancellation in March is being used as justification to ignore a pool of talent who have already passed their exams.

“Instead of promoting those who have worked and studied hard, they would rather opt for an operational quick fix to plug the gaps rather than investing in and developing their workforce.

“It seems to me to be spreadsheet management where the gaps just need filling with little thought for the overall impact.”
Dave added: “Successful development of our membership is the forefront of my mind as a professional development leader – but it’s also our place to recognise officers in acting roles have specific needs while pointing out there are hundreds of keen and qualified officers who are waiting for vacancies.

“In many cases, leaders are taking advantage of young and enthusiastic constables who are placed in a tricky position of turning down the opportunity of becoming an acting sergeant.

“You don’t want to come across as incapable when there is the promise “this will look good for further promotion”, which sounds really great, but the system doesn’t allow for this local manipulation in the long term as national assessments rightfully need to be passed.”

Date posted: July 1, 2020

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