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Officers Set Impossible Task

People have been given a new list of excuses about why they are flouting lockdown, West Yorkshire Police Federation Chairman Brian Booth has said.
Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Brian said policing the new lockdown measures announced by the Government would be “very difficult”.

Asked by presenter Susanna Reid whether police officers would be able to enforce rules to stop people visiting each other’s houses, Brian said: “Simply, we can’t. It’s impossible.”

Speaking after a testy exchange between former Conservative minister Edwina Currie and presenter Piers Morgan, Brian added: “What’s just played out in front of your viewers is the confusion and the mixed messaging and people’s understanding of this.

“Put this into the police mix and we’ve got to try and do some cohesive working with society to make sure everyone keeps safe. As we’re talking now, there is no power of entry for police officers to go into private premises.”

The new rules now allow people to see only one person from outside their household as long as social distancing is maintained.

Asked what police officers could do about a member of the public who lies about meeting a number of friends, Brian said: “It’s very difficult, because unbelievably people do lie to police officers. I’ve spent 25 years in policing and I’ve met a lot of liars and people that tell me something that makes their story correct and want to avoid prosecution.

“It’s an impossible task. We got given a whole new list of excuses of how people can not abide by social distancing and the lockdown.”

Date posted: May 20, 2020

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