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PFEW Launches New Mental Health Campaign

Photography by Jason Bye
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Police officers across the country are being encouraged to take steps to strengthen and protect their mental health.

The national Federation’s Wellbeing Lead, Belinda Goodwin (pictured) said: “For the Police Federation, the issues of mental health and wellbeing aren’t things we only think about for one week a year, or during a crisis.

“Our members put their physical and emotional health at risk daily: officers deserve clear legal protection, to be given the right tools and support to help build resilience, and the best care possible in the event of injury.

“That’s why we launched our mental health and suicide prevention campaign ‘Hear Man Up, Think Man Down.’
More information about the campaign can be found on the national Police Federation website

Belinda added: “We wanted to convey that something as simple as a phrase heard in police stations across the country – “man up” – can add to a culture that makes it harder to talk about mental health and harder for officers in need to ask for help.

“Like many areas of health, it’s the little changes that soon add up- and this is a change we can all make.

“We could all be a little kinder – something as simple as making time to have a chat with a colleague or a mate and finding out how they really are, rather than telling them to ‘Man up!’”
The current crisis is challenging for everyone’s mental health in ways we haven’t experienced before.

“Whether you are cooped up with your family, isolated or facing the threat of being coughed at on the streets, the need to look after our own, and each other’s, mental health has never been more important. Most of us go to the gym or eat healthily to improve our physical health.

“Few of us know what to do to improve our mental health.”

Date posted: May 9, 2020

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