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Learning To Police Differently

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Policing demand has changed in West Yorkshire during the Covid-19 lockdown – including the despicable new crime of the “coronavirus cough” – but officers continue to work as hard as ever.

That’s the message from West Yorkshire Police Federation Chairman Brian Booth, as he looks back on the past six weeks and considers what is to come.

He said: “Officers are learning to live and police differently in this time.

“My colleagues are ever keen to serve and continue to work hard in these challenging times, putting themselves at risk to help others. Demand has changed; we have a reduction in certain crimes in relation to burglary and car crime, but a slight increase in relation to domestic violence.

“The most worrying rise in statistics are those who use Covid-19 as a weapon against officers. But I must applaud our local magistrates who are having none of it, by sending the offenders to prison – that demonstrates true support to officers.”

Brian added: “Policing is always difficult and Covid-19 brings a different set of challenges. Officers have always put themselves in harm’s way to protect the public – whether that is being assaulted or catching diseases such as hepatitis C, nothing has changed in that respect.

“But one of the biggest worries is that by just doing their job, they potentially risk the fate of their family when they go home. This is a heavy burden to bear every day.
“On a happier note, it would seem the availability of PPE for officers has stabilised and officers do have ready access to assist in their duties.”

Date posted: May 6, 2020

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