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Police Striking The Right Balance

Photography by Jason Bye
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Police officers in West Yorkshire have “struck the right balance” during the Covid-19 lockdown, West Yorkshire Police Federation has said.

Chairman Brian Booth said he was proud that colleagues in West Yorkshire seem to have hit the right note over the policing plans to engage, explain, encourage before using enforcement with the public.

He said: “Getting that balance right is very difficult when the public have so many lines in the sand.

“One person’s ‘heavy handed’ will be another person’s ‘You were too soft’. Judgement is easy over social media when the full facts are unknown or a populist view is sought.
“Regardless, my colleagues are dealing with the most difficult in society, in a difficult time and they are doing it well.”

West Yorkshire Police Federation has continued offering mental health support to members – organising counselling sessions online or over the phone. And Brian said the Federation is available for any officer who is struggling during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

He said: “We have maintained a telephone and Skype counselling service and our Welfare Lead has produced an excellent booklet highlighting all the help available through ourselves and external companies and charities.

“We have made sure our welfare van, The Thin Brew Line, has been readily available, attending more venues than it has ever done, and we have also introduced PerkJam to our website. This has hundreds of promotions from police-friendly companies that are of benefit to our members.

“Financially, we are supporting officers through The Benevolent Fund. And for any member who has booked one of the holiday homes, we are offering full refunds, which is far better than most holiday bookings.

“In this difficult time, our members rise to the challenge and West Yorkshire Police Federation is no different.”

Date posted: May 2, 2020

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