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Trust Your Federation On PIPs

British Police Tape Around A Crime Scene In A Grungy Urban Alley

West Yorkshire Police Federation provides “wrap-around care” to officers finding themselves involved in Post-Incident Procedures (PIPs).
Federation representatives have been trained in PIPs to ensure officers’ wellbeing is supported and best evidence is gathered following a death or serious injury following police contact.

Chairman Brian Booth said: “Officers who have been involved in a PIP incident are vital witnesses to the truth.

“It is so important that we treat them with professional respect so that we harness the best evidence.

“Treating officers like suspects, when it is clear they are witnesses, can be detrimental to the investigation. The PIP processes are well-founded and used now throughout the country and assist in providing the best evidence, while looking after the welfare of the officers involved.”

The Federation has worked with the College of Policing to ensure PIP Processes do not leave members legally vulnerable or mistreated, and ensures Reps are trained and accredited when they attend a PIP suite following an incident.

Brian added: “Our message to officers would be to trust in your local Federation. We are trained, experienced and credible. Representatives will ensure that the process is followed and that you are treated appropriately.

“If you find yourself involved in a PIP process, please make sure that you contact your local Federation for help.”

Federation Reps met in Warwickshire in October for the PFEW seminar on Post-Incident Procedure.

Date posted: November 21, 2019

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