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‘Listening’ Chief Will Be Good For Officers

West Yorkshire Police Federation is looking forward to working with the force’s new ‘realist’ Chief Constable.

CC John Robins has started his new role after taking over from Dee Collins, who retired in April.

West Yorkshire Police Federation Chairman Brian Booth said CC Robins is a ‘listener’ who will try and make Federation members’ lives better.

Brian said: “I’ve worked with John over the last 12 months and he’s a realist.
“He knows exactly how our front officers feel at the moment. He listens to us. He listens to me. And he does stuff to try and make their lives better.
“He knows that they’re overworked. He knows that they’re underpaid. He knows there is too much demand, and he will go out and tell the public that.
“That, for me, is brilliant for a Chief because I’m sick of listening to some Chiefs in other forces saying things like, ‘we really like the challenge’, when it’s not them facing the challenges.

“It’s the frontline officers who are facing the challenge and the disappointment the public are feeling through officers not being up to service them.”
Brian said CC Robins’ appointment is particularly pleasing because he’s worked his way up through the ranks in West Yorkshire.
“John has worked throughout his service in West Yorkshire,” Brian said.
“He understands West Yorkshire. He understands the officers, and what’s required in West Yorkshire.
“I would have hated to get a new Chief who came in with a whole new agenda and set my members and colleagues off on new objectives, when there isn’t the flex in the service to do that.
“So, I think it’s a fantastic move for stability within policing in West Yorkshire.”

Date posted: August 19, 2019

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