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‘Policing Needs More Money’

Chairman Brian Booth has raised the issue of officer wellbeing and the current state of policing in a meeting with Home Secretary Sajid Javid.

West Yorkshire has lost 645 officers since 2010. Brian told the Home Secretary there were not enough officers to deal with public demand and that this was having an adverse effect on the force’s officers.

The meeting had been arranged after the Home Secretary, who is currently seeking to become the next Conservative Party Leader and therefore Prime Minister, visited the area.

Brian said it was good that the Home Secretary appeared interested in hearing the voice of West Yorkshire Police Federation’s members.

He outlined to Mr Javid that more money was required for a fully functional police service.

He said: “Even after the council tax precept rise we would still be 600 officers short of where we were in 2009… with rising demand we need we need a review of the funding formula.

“I raised a concern that once the public realise that their extra council tax will not result in a massive change, would that affect our front line officers who often field the anger at grassroots level.”

Brian concluded: “The knock-on effect is poor morale and mental wellbeing.

“I spoke about how overused our counselling service is within the Federation and that we have a waiting list of around 30 officers, this should be a red flag.”

Brian is now hoping that the encouraging discussion with the Home Secretary will be met with positive action within Parliament.

Date posted: June 10, 2019

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