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Mental Health In Focus

A new £7.5m scheme aimed at helping police officers and staff who are suffering from mental and physical health issues has been launched by the College of Policing and National Policing Wellbeing Lead CC Andy Rhodes.

The National Police Wellbeing Service – ‘Oscar Kilo’ – will provide outreach services, training and a toolkit that forces can use to support their officers and staff.

CC Rhodes said: “This is an essential undertaking, not only in order to be a responsible and caring employer, but also because we as a society have an obligation to look after the welfare of the men and women whose job it is to keep our communities safe.”
Police and mental health charities and Public Health England have all contributed to the scheme and HMICFRS now inspect forces on how they deliver on mental health provision.

“We are at the early stages of what needs to be a massive culture shift,” CC Rhodes added.
“Not only for leadership and management to get better at addressing the issues affecting their workforce, but in seeing a change in the way that staff perceive and consider their own physical, mental and social wellbeing.

“We have a huge amount to do if we are to reassure our frontline that the service is committed to picking them up when they struggle with their mental and physical health, but we have huge support from across the emergency services family.”


Date posted: June 7, 2019

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