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PTSD Affects One In Five Officers

One in five police officers suffer from symptoms of PTSD, but over two-thirds are unaware they are suffering from the illness.

A new survey by Police Care UK has revealed that 90% of police workers who responded have experienced trauma, and of those respondents one in five reported experiencing PTSD symptoms in the past week.

PTSD can cause sleep disturbance, irregular heartbeats and sweats. It can also cause a sense a sufferer to feel empty or hopeless as well as feeling increasingly detached from friends and family.

Around half of the respondents said they had insufficient time to process incidents before being sent back out to the next call.

One police officer who completed the survey described how he would wake up with night terrors after attending a series of murder scenes.
Since the survey, Police Care UK have called for a national policing mental health strategy designed to better support police officers with trauma management.

Date posted: June 6, 2019

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