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“The Government Has Not Listened”

Council tax payers are unfairly being asked to shoulder the burden of police funding says the Police Federation of England and Wales.

An extra £970m for policing has been announced by the Home Office, and Police and Crime Commissioners will be able to ask council tax payers for an extra £2 per month as part of the package.

West Yorkshire Police Federation Chairman, Brian Booth, said: “It makes me really uncomfortable that our tax payers in West Yorkshire are paying more and will not see a tangible increase in service.”

“The Government has not listened to a single word that has been said by its own departments and those who have taken the time to research how under resourced the service is.”

“What we need is long term positive investment in the service to try and get back what was known as the best Police Service in the World.”

PFEW Chairman John Apter also said the payment settlement was a ‘quick fix’ and that householders would be ‘unlikely’ to see the benefits.

He explained: “It’s a sticking plaster solution that injects money in the short term but one which sees the burden falling unfairly on local council tax payers.”

“They are passing the buck of funding the police service to the public by doubling the council tax precept that Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) can charge.”

“Every penny of this extra council tax precept must go into local policing to help keep communities safe.”

“It is their austerity policies which have seen police budgets slashed by 19% in real terms. This is why policing is in crisis.”

“The reality is that this new funding won’t lead to hundreds more officers on the streets and PCCs and Chief Constables have to be honest about that.”

“This is a standstill policing budget – it will plug the gap to a degree, but householders are unlikely to experience a tangible improvement in their area.”

Date posted: January 10, 2019

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