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Time to show value of police by increasing pay

Praise from politicians for the work that police officers do is nothing more than false platitudes if they continue to cap officers’ pay.

Nick Smart, Chairman of West Yorkshire Police Federation, said addressing the issue of officer pay would show that the Government’s words of gratitude to police officers were not “empty praise”.

He said: “To continue with the policy of a 1% pay cap shows exactly how the Government has really viewed the worth of police officers over a number of years.

“For all the recent false platitudes and empty praise about the dangers we face and the outstanding job we do to protect the public, they in reality treat us with nothing more than contempt.

“Officers have taken a 15% pay cut over the past 6 years and enough is enough.

“If the new Government truly values the daily sacrifice that officers make to keep everyone safe as they have alluded to recently, then addressing the pay issue is one way they can show their value of officers and the role we all perform.

“Perhaps they could approve a pay award similar to 11% they voted themselves recently.”

Date posted: May 2, 2017

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