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Taser used ‘proportionally’

Taser was drawn 272 times in West Yorkshire last year – but was only used on 29% of those occasions.

New statistics from the Home Office show that Taser remains unused 71% of the time in West Yorkshire.

Nick Smart, Chairman of West Yorkshire Police Federation, said: “The figures show very, very, clearly that use of Taser by West Yorkshire Police officers is being done so judiciously and proportionally.

“Seven out of 10 times it is drawn, it is not fired in WYP. This highlights that is a very effective tactic as deterrent in de-escalating violent and critical incidents.

“The public should be very reassured that WYP officers are using the national decision model to justify drawing and then, when appropriate, using Taser to deal with the threat they are faced with and resolve the situation as safely as possible for all parties.

“We have addressed the issue of Taser coverage with the chief officer team. We asked officers for their views in a survey last year. On the back of this, in negation with the COT, a review of Taser coverage and training was undertaken.

“What we are seeing across WYP is more officers being trained in Taser, and greater coverage of Taser across districts.

“Officer safety is paramount and we need to have the right equipment to face the increase levels of threat that are there on a daily basis.”

Date posted: May 2, 2017

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