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‘Time For Action On Assaults’

2016 Police Federation Conference. Photography by Jason ByeWest Yorkshire Police Federation has hit out at the Government’s failure to act on police assaults after a period of “disappointing” inactivity from the top.

Local MP Holly Lynch brought a Ten Minute Rule Bill to Parliament earlier this year, which received support from all sides of the House.

The move had been a culmination of hard work ever since the issue of police officers being assaulted was presented to Theresa May at the Police Federation of England and Wales’ annual conference last year.

But Nick Smart, Federation Chairman, said:

“It is disappointing that nine months after I stood up at conference and asked the Home Secretary, now Prime Minister, what she was going to do to protect the protectors, we are still having to lobby.”

“It is very frustrating. So far all we have seen is words, but these need to be translated into action by the Government.”

“We need tougher sentences for those that assault police officers and emergency workers.”

“There is currently no deterrent and that sends out the wrong message. It is alright saying you support police officers, but they have got to show that support by actually doing something in terms of protection.”

“So far they’ve done nothing – absolutely zero – in terms of any legislative change, stiffer sentences, or any direction to the sentencing council to stiffen guidelines.”

“They are just paying lip service and it is not good enough.”

“We want a coherent steer from Government and we want a coherent set of actions in terms of supporting police officers.”

“So far the Government talks a good game but they’ve actually delivered nothing.”

Date posted: March 20, 2017

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