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‘Officers should be protected by the law’

phillips-daviesThe least that politicians can do is ensure police officers are properly protected by the law if they are assaulted.

That’s the view of Shipley MP Philip Davies, who was talking to West Yorkshire Police Federation Chairman Nick Smart at an event on police officer safety at the House of Commons.

Mr Davies – who has spent more than 70 days on patrol with police officers in his constituency – says he is a “big supporter” of the police.

He said: “I absolutely admire everything that they do and the fact that they put themselves on the line every day to protect the public. The least that we can do in Parliament is to make sure that police officers are properly protected by the law when they find that they are assaulted.

“The Sentencing Council can do something – they already say that when somebody is a public servant and they are assaulted then that should add extra onto the sentence, but it doesn’t tell the judges how much extra they should add.”

Mr Davies (pictured with Nick and Police Federation of England and Wales Vice-Chairman Calum Mcleod) said: “I think the Government should put into legislation what they expect should be a proper sentence for assaults on police officers because this is something they should not be subject to and they should have the law on their side.”

Jason McCartney, MP for Colne Valley, was also at the event. He said that sentences for assaults on officers needed to send out a “clear message” to would-be offenders.

“It’s about sending out a really clear message that if any criminal is tempted or of the mind to assault or attack a police officer the punishment is really draconian.

“One of the messages we want to send out is that there should be a lot harsher sentences for those that attack police officers. I think it’s important that they feel confident in their own safety when they are doing the cracking job that they do for us in our communities.”

Date posted: November 1, 2016

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