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In response to misleading information from the Home Secretary, we can clarify the position on Holiday Homes.

2015 Police Federation Conference, Bournemouth, Dorset, Jason Bye, 19/05/15

In West Yorkshire Police Federation we have two Holiday Homes – one way of looking after the welfare and well being of our colleagues.

  • Offered to families of fallen officers, those who are recovering from injuries and illness
  • Given free to our National Police Bravery Award nominees
  • Enable officers under pressure to spend some time to rest and recover from the stresses and strains of policing
  • They are run at cost and not for profit
  • Members’ subscriptions were not used to purchase the homes.
  • The taxpayer is not involved in any way.

Chairman Nick Smart (pictured) said: “With 1,200 fewer police officers and increased workloads, stress and sickness, mental health and general well being is now recognized as a key issue for the Force to manage.

“Police officers are struggling – financially due to 15% pay cuts over the past 6 years, and physically due to the increases work and stress they face daily. If we can do our bit and provide them with a sanctuary whet they can go for and de-stress, then we will do it.”

The HMIC Sir Tom Winsor this week stated that he has the upmost respect for police officers as he acknowledged that we “police the most dangerous, corrosive and violent elements of society”. He also acknowledged the risk and sacrifices that police offices make adding that the public do not know the debt they owe to police officers to keep them safe.

Last year there were 23,000 assaults on police officers nationally. In West Yorkshire there were 264 assaults on officers resulting in injury, and another 518 assaults without injury. Nick Smart said, “The risk is real and ever present. That is why will continue to support officer welfare however we can.”

Gary Maloney, Secretary of West Yorkshire Police Federation, said: “We in West Yorkshire have two holiday homes which have been financed by the members and they are for the members – we provide weeks allotted throughout the year for families of officers who’ve been lost on duty and families of officers and officers who are in recuperation.

“So it’s well worth the money, and it’s not something that we’re hoarding to build some kind of “portfolio” which I think wasn’t defended at conference on Tuesday when the Home Secretary gave her speech.

“We’ve got rather a lot of officers who use these facilities.”

Craig Grandison, West Yorkshire Police Federation Treasurer, said: “Officers wanting to use our two homes in Scarborough or Windermere should contact the office. They can either do that via email on the normal office email or they can ring. All the information is on our website.

“The feedback we have had from officers who have used the home in Scarborough is that it’s a really good facility, it’s really good value, it gives them the opportunity to take their families away for a week’s holiday which maybe they wouldn’t get otherwise because of the cost factors involved.”

Date posted: May 20, 2016

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