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Post-incident management training

Police[1]WEST Yorkshire Police officers will have the chance to attend two post-incident management awareness days later this year to learn what to do if they are involved in a police contact incident.

The seminars are on Thursday 7 July and Thursday 24 November at Gomersal Park Hotel – and places are limited.

The last seminar was run in November and explained what to do and say after a police contact incident.

These include incidents involving police officers and/or staff that result in a death or serious injury. For example, deaths in custody, death or serious injury following a pursuit, suicides or firearms incidents.

Ned Liddemore, Discipline Leader of West Yorkshire Police Federation, said: “Officers and staff need to know that if they are involved in this type of incident, they are entitled to speak to a legal rep and/or a federation rep before they give any sort of account.

“And it is vital that they do just that. We have a fed rep on call 24/7 365 days a year who will advise you.”

Speakers will include officers who have been involved in shooting incidents and deaths in custody. Solicitors will be on hand to give advice, as well as post-incident managers, whose job is to run post-incident procedures. There will also be expert on perceptional distortion.

Mr Liddemore added: “If you were asked what a police contact incident is, most, I would guess, would say a firearms incident where someone has been shot by the Police. Yes it is an incident such as that, but it is also deaths in custody, suicides, road traffic collisions and any incident where someone dies or is seriously injured following contact with the police.

“The same goes for police pursuits, it’s not just the driver of the police vehicle, it’s the passenger, the dog officer, the person in the control room.“

Around 200 people attended the last course in November. Subscribing West Yorkshire Police Federation members will receive a free high quality torch at the end of the seminar.

To attend, email or call 01924 295495.

Date posted: May 11, 2016

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