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West Yorkshire Police officers owed 8,115 cancelled rest days.

Bright yellow jackets worn for high visibility.Police forces in England and Wales owe their officers 1,117 years of rest days.

The service currently owes constables, sergeants, inspectors and chief inspectors 407,698 rest days that have been cancelled by their force.

And the staggering figure – revealed by a Freedom of Information Act Request – will in fact be much, much higher as 11 forces in England and Wales, including Greater Manchester Police, did not reply.

In West Yorkshire, officers are owed 8,115 cancelled rest days.

John Murphy, lead on health and safety for the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: “The issue of outstanding cancelled rest days for officers is a very real one. Rest days provide officers with necessary time off to relax, and spend valuable time with their families and loved ones.

“Policing is a highly stressful occupation and every officer is entitled to this time. Unfortunately, it is a long-standing issue that members are often required to work their rest days in order to ensure enough cover is provided to keep the public safe.”

He added: “Where this is an ‘exigency of duty’ we all fully accept this and this is part of what officers sign up for. However, where it is due to poor planning and insufficient staffing levels, it is not acceptable.

“The Federation will continue to work tirelessly to ensure our members are able to have enough rest days between blocks of duty to rest and recover, returning back to work mentally and physically fit to serve the public.”

Date posted: April 7, 2016

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