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Local policing still important

imagePrivate funding for 132 police officers in West Yorkshire shows how much local communities value neighbourhood policing.

Nick Smart, Chairman of West Yorkshire Police Federation, said figures showing that the force received £3 million in private money to help pay for police officers and PCSOs illustrate the effect of drastic budget cuts.

A Freedom of Information request by the Daily Telegraph showed that extra contributions to the force from town halls and other organisations paid for 132 police officers and 450 PCSOs – 80% of the total – in this year’s budget.

Mr Smart said: “The figures show a clear desire from local communities and partners to have local officers and their belief in neighbourhood policing.

“It highlights just how out of touch the Government are with what local communities want and shows how drastic the cuts of over 20% for West Yorkshire Police have been.

“We can’t lose 1,000 officers and not expect the public to notice. Cuts have consequences!

“We are the fourth biggest force so it’s not unexpected that we have such a high number of funded police officers and PCSOs.

“The low council tax precept means unlike many forces, our ability to raise funding for officers is limited.”

Nationally, more than 1,100 officers and PCSOs are paid for by private funding, the figures showed.

Date posted: January 13, 2016

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