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Direct entry: ‘You cannot buy credibility’

generic images of a police officers uniform, 6-5-2006West Yorkshire Police Federation is “fundamentally opposed” to direct entry, its chairman has said.

The College of Policing announced late last year that direct entry at the police inspector rank is to be introduced,.

Under the new programme, forces will be recruiting “exceptional external candidates to join the service at inspector level”, said the College.

Candidates will be able to apply in February with the first applicants starting work in November.

This is something that has not been done in policing in almost 100 years.

It has been reported that 16 forces are going for the scheme. West Yorkshire Police is not one of the forces to sign up.

However, Nick Smart said the Federation remained opposed to the idea, and stressed there was “a wealth of ability” within the service to fill senior roles.

He said: “We are aware the force is not using Direct Entry. However, we are fundamentally opposed to direct entry for superintendents and inspectors.

“There is a wealth of ability within the organisation that can fulfil those roles.

“Taking one or two external candidates will not change the culture within police forces.

“Being an inspector is an operational role – and you can only get those abilities from experience. It’s a flawed concept.

“You cannot buy experience and you cannot teach credibility.”

The College made no mention of its plans for the 3,833+ police sergeants who have already passed the promotion exams for the inspecting ranks but have yet to be promoted.

The College added: “The programme will give police forces access to a wide mix of external expertise once recruits have passed a rigorous selection process and undergone a year-long intensive development programme.”

Successful candidates will be trained using a mix of classroom and on-the-job learning, including operational rotations at both constable and sergeant rank. The candidates will work alongside experienced officers and have dedicated mentors to help them achieve the necessary level.

Date posted: January 13, 2016

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