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Increase in the PTC donation rate with effect from 1st January 2016

This communication is to advise officers that the Board of Trustees voted in their meeting of the 5th November 2015 to increase the weekly donation rate to the Police Treatment Centres to £1.80 per week from January 2016.

We understand that any increase in the donation rate will not be welcome but this will allow the charity to be financially viable over the next few years, and just as importantly improve the support and service to both you and your colleagues.

Please note this is the first increase in the PTC donation rate since 2011, and the St George’s Police Children’s Trust (our affiliated Charity which supports children of police officers who have died or been medically retired) has not changed.

By making a monthly donation, the PTC can support you during difficult times. Your donation gives you access to free, expert, police-specific treatment, at one of our 2 centres on a residential basis, regardless of whether your injury occurred on or off duty.

However, the Charity has lost around 5000 donors since 2010 and it is anticipated that there will be further reductions in police officers numbers over the next 5 years which will have a significant impact on the financial viability of the charity.

The weekly donation rate has increased  from  £1.30 to £1.80. This equates to £7.80 per month, or £7.20 per four weeks.

While part of the increase is to offset the expected reduction in officer numbers, part has been allocated to improve the service that we provide for psychological support. The Psychological Wellbeing program has been designed to meet the changing needs of officers attending the Treatment Centres and will commence in January 2016. Those of you who have visited the PTC recently, will also notice that we have made significant improvements to our infrastructure and facilities, all of which will ensure that we are able to provide class leading treatment to our patients.

The PTC Board of Trustees firmly believe that this new donation rate still represents excellent value for money and that the treatment delivered at the PTC continues to be exceptional.  This increase will ensure the long term sustainability and future of the PTC and ensure that we are here to provide treatment and support to this and future generations of police officers.  Subject to any unforeseen changes in the financial situation the Trustees hope that there will not be any further increases in the PTC donation rate for at least 3 years.

Thank you for your support and we hope that you will continue to support the Charity that not only supports you but also your colleagues.

The Police Treatment Centres

Date posted: December 15, 2015

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