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Remember to register your business interests

Ned LiddemoreMembers of West Yorkshire Police Federation have been reminded of the importance of declaring their business interests with the Professional Standards Department (PSD).

Police Regulations state that all those who work for the force who have or wish to pursue a business interest, must ensure that it is compatible with their continued employment by the force and there is no adverse effect on the reputation of the individual or the force.

Officers have failed to register their interests through the proper channels, says Ned Liddemore, Vice-Chairman and Discipline Lead of West Yorkshire Police Federation.

Mr Liddemore said: “The application is very simple; fill in the form, get your line manager to sign it and submit it.

“It will go to the panel, which is held bi-monthly who will either approve or refuse it.

“Each application is dealt with on an individual basis and few get refused.

“PSD have given enough warnings about the consequences of failing to declare any business interest – they have been more than fair. Yet officers are still failing to declare their business interests.

“As such PSD are now serving regulation 15 papers on officers who they find to be in breach of this policy. Is it really worth getting served misconduct papers for not filling in a form?”

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Mr Liddemore also warned that numerous officers are breaching policy on the classifieds section on the intranet.

He added: “Please read the terms and conditions carefully. They are copied below. Again ask yourself – is it worth it?”

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Date posted: December 2, 2015

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