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Force ‘concerned’ about spate of attacks on police

2015 Police Federation Conference, Bournemouth, Dorset, Jason Bye, 19/05/15West Yorkshire Police has said it is increasingly concerned about risks to officers after 51 assaults on officers and staff in the past six weeks.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Milsom said violence against staff was not simply “part of the job” and highlighted a series of attacks on West Yorkshire Police officers over the past weekend.

In the space of just one day at the weekend, one officer was knocked unconscious after intervening in a domestic argument. Another officer was assaulted after stopping a car, and officers were attacked after being called to an incident at an ATM.

ACC Milsom said: “We are becoming increasingly concerned about the number and nature of assaults being committed upon our officers which is highlighted by the incidents this weekend and the additional research we are now undertaking with our local staff representatives.”

Nick Smart, West Yorkshire Police Federation Chairman, (pictured) said: “We welcome the article by ACC Milsom highlighting the concern around the number of WYPF officers who are routinely assaulted as they go about doing their best to protect the vulnerable and apprehend the criminal.

“We have been working with the force for some time to raise this as a major issue and priority. As an organisation the force needs to have clear focus and scrutiny on this matter.

“All officers need to understand that assaults must never be viewed as acceptable or part of the job, and that officers should feel confident in reporting assaults and that they will be recorded and investigated properly.

“We have designed a seven-point point investigation plan that should ensure a full and appropriate investigation is conducted.

“Officers who are assaulted while on duty are victims of crime and should be treated with the same dignity and respect that is outlined in the Victim’s Code.

“We recognise that more guidance and support for both officers who are victims of violence, and supervision in terms of recording incidents supporting officers through the process is required.

“We are working with the force on this to ensure that officer welfare is an absolute priority when such incidents happen.

“As a Federation we are here to help officers through what can be very traumatic events. If officers have any concerns we would ask them to seek out their Local Federation Representative or contact the main office for any advice or support that they may need.”

Date posted: November 13, 2015

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