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Force is 1,100 officers down as numbers fall

PoliceWest Yorkshire Police has lost more than 1,100 police officers since 2009, according to the latest police workforce statistics.

In 2009, there were 5,854 officers in West Yorkshire, and there are now 4,748 – 1,106 fewer. The force has lost 109 officers in the past year.

Ned Liddemore, Vice-Chairman of West Yorkshire Police Federation, described the figures as “a worry”.

He added: “I don’t see, and I’m sure members of the public won’t see, officers on patrol like they used to. We’re not able to stop and check people in vehicles. We’re not able to patrol the motorways. We’re not able to show that presence.

“It doesn’t take criminals long to cotton on to the fact that there’s no cops about, and that’s why they’re getting away with stuff.”

There are 126,818 officers in England and Wales – 1,091 fewer than the previous year. There are 620 fewer sergeants than this time last year, 153 fewer PCs, 230 fewer inspectors and 121 fewer chief inspectors.

Date posted: July 23, 2015

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