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West Yorkshire Police Federation Annual Report published

West Yorkshire Police Federation has published an Annual Report to ensure members are clued up on the work the Federation does on behalf of its members.

The 14-page document, available on the Federation website via the link below, introduces members to their federation representatives and serves as the organisation’s first annual review.

It also outlines for officers the important issues of the day, including pay, pensions, direct entry and compulsory severance.

West Yorkshire Police Federation chairman, Nick Smart, said: “We have produced this booklet to inform members on what we do.”

Speaking in the document, he added: “Any organisation’s biggest asset is its staff. Policing is still vocational, despite external attempts to undermine it. Even in these tough times, officers remain dedicated, resolute and focused on serving our local communities to the best of their abilities. WYP officers go the extra mile to keep communities safe. We at West Yorkshire Police Federation will go the extra mile to protect the protectors.”

The booklet addresses fitness testing, medical retirement for officers, the Normington Review of the Police Federation, the change programme at the force and issues of morale amongst front line officers.

And the document highlights information for officers on discipline, unsatisfactory performance procedures and complaints.

The Federation represented officers at 13 hearings between April 2013 and March this year. In the same period it supported members in 1,686 complaint allegations, 174 conduct allegations and 22 misconduct meetings.

The document also includes information on accounts, equality and diversity and the health and safety work undertaken by the Federation.

Gary Maloney, Federation secretary, said the year had seen great upheaval for officers and that it is the organisation’s job to support members through periods of change.

Speaking in the secretary’s foreword, Mr Maloney said: “2014 is already and will continue to be a difficult time for our members. The organisational move to districts and changes within protective services and crime, have meant upheaval to officers.

“We have reinforced our position that officers have families and a life outside of the organisation which need to be considered in all these changes.”

You can see the full document here.

Date posted: October 21, 2014

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