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Shift review launched in West Yorkshire Police

PoliceA full shift review is to be commissioned for West Yorkshire Police following pressure from the Federation.

West Yorkshire Police Federation has been raising its concerns about shift patterns with the senior command team for a prolonged period and urging change.

Nick Smart, chairman, said: “We are very pleased to see that temporary chief constable Dee Collins has directed that a full shift review will be commissioned.

“We are fully supportive of the shift review. Supt Stan Bates is leading on the review and from consultation we have had already with him, it is clear that there is a plan to get officers involved at every stage of the review.

“Officers have been saying the shifts are having a massive impact on their welfare and that there needs to be a review. There are issues with their work/life balance, cancelled rest days and lack of recuperative time and it is affecting their welfare and morale.”

Mr Smart added: “We hope the force will use this opportunity address some of the issues highlighted within the cultural audit around trust and valuing officers. Through genuine consultation we can all play our part in rebuilding trust between the rank and file and senior managers.”

It is important that officers have their say when it comes to new shift patterns.

Mr Smart added: “The issue of shifts is extremely complex. Whatever the outcome, the shifts need to be affordable and sustainable. We have been told nothing is off the table, and we start with a blank canvas. It is imperative that officers come forward and have their say in shaping the future.”

Date posted: October 15, 2014

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