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Police contact incidents: What would you do?

Police tape across an open door“Involved in a Police Contact Incident…? Asked by your manager for an account of what’s happened…? What do you say? Unsure what to say…?”

The Federation is hosting a seminar this summer to help inform officers what to do and what to expect should they be involved in a police contact incident – and there are only 50 spots left!

Hear the best speakers in the business, hear cops talk of their own experiences and learn what you may think you already know!

Imagine the scenario… you arrest a prisoner on night shift, book them into custody, go off the next morning, you get a call saying the prisoner has died in custody, this is now a police contact incident, you are asked what happened……do you give that account to whoever asks or should you seek advice first?

Not sure? Then come to the Free Seminar on Police Contact Incidents and find out.

Date: Thursday 26th June 2014

Location: Village Hotel Leeds, Capitol Blvd, Tingley, Leeds LS27 0TS

Time: Registration 9am. Finish 5pm. Tea, Coffee and buffet lunch will be provided throughout the day, free of charge.

Dress Code: Casual

How to book/attend: Please contact Charlotte at the Federation Office on 01924 295493/5

Date posted: June 19, 2014

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