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“Constable/sergeant/inspector” rotation to give Direct Entry Supers experience

PoliceDirect entry Superintendents are to spend 11 months shadowing police officers at every rank to Superintendent the College of Policing has announced.

The College has  published the 18-month training plan for new direct entry superintendents who will join the service in November.

For the first time in more than 180 years of British policing, seven police forces – including West Yorkshire Police – are recruiting up to 20 experienced leaders from outside the service to join at a senior rank.

The new recruits will spend 14 months of the training programme working in operational policing, with 11 months shadowing police officer at every rank to superintendent.

They will spend a further three months in a supervised and supported superintendent command role in early 2016.

They will also be expected to lead a community partnership project and launch an initiative in their home force to improve the way the force works.

It will be delivered by the College of Policing and the successful applicants’ home force.

College of Policing lead for direct entry, Superintendent Nicola Dale, said:

“We are not expecting these new recruits to take up a command position on day one but we’ll support and mentor them through the police ranks.

“The majority of their time will be spent with operational police officers so they understand the challenges faced by officers at every rank and the complexity of policing.

“We also want to benefit from the outside perspectives and skills that these new recruits bring and we will make sure that they have every opportunity to make a positive impact on their force throughout their training.”

See the full training programme – Direct Entry Training Schedule PDF

Date posted: June 5, 2014

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