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Black is the new black for West Yorkshire uniforms

West Yorkshire shirtWest Yorkshire Police has become the latest force in the UK to abandon the old fashioned white shirt and tie look for police officers in favour of all black uniforms.

The lightweight black fabric – with ‘wicking’ technology – is designed to be more comfortable, practical and wearable than the cotton shirts, and is a hit with officers according to the local federation.

The new uniforms are currently being rolled out force wide for all roles and ranks, including the chief constable Mark Gilmore – modelling it on this page.

Nick Smart, chairman of West Yorkshire Police Federation, said: “The vast majority of officers like the new uniform. It is more practical and more comfortable than the old fashioned shirts and ties. It probably doesn’t look the most smart but from a modern, operational policing perspective it is much more practical and therefore is something that we support.”

But he added that work was ongoing with the force to ensure the quality of the shirts was up to scratch.

Deputy Chief Constable Dee Collins of West Yorkshire Police, said: “Due to their dark colour the new shirts are more suitable for the day-to-day rigours of active duty than white shirts.

“They are also made of lightweight fabric making them practical and cooler to wear under body armour. The roll out will continue over the next few months and officers will increasingly be seen our streets in the new uniforms.”

She added: “Many other forces have also adopted this uniform style which will also assist us when working on mutual aid operations.”

Neighbouring forces North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire Police have already switched to the black uniforms.

Date posted: June 5, 2014

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