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“I have no regrets” says outgoing PFEW chairman

Steve Williams

Does the outgoing chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales have any regrets? Was he bullied? What will happen at the upcoming Federation conference?

Following his resignation, WYPF Ezine spoke to Steve Williams (pictured) about his decision to leave the organisation following annual conference in May.

See part two of the interview below.

Were you bullied?

I have had some difficult times. I have been met with a lot of resistance in various forms along the way from up and down the country and some people didn’t like the way the independent review came about but as they say, we are where we are now and there is that belief and acceptance that this has to happen but there will always be people out there who do not agree with the independent review and who would not like to see it progress but they are entitled to those views and opinions.

Do you have any regrets?

No. I am still extremely proud of my police service. I have been extremely proud to serve North Wales and I have been extremely proud to serve the Police Federation and equally to have become the chairman of such a fine body and representing the fine ranking officers of this country. It has been an honour and a privilege and I have very fond memories and I am as keen now as when I first joined and am equally keen to ensure that we do as much as we can to ensure the review comes out in the end in a very positive way.

What would be your message to front line police officers?

We have had some serious negative media… It only seems to be the bad news that is reported upon. The hard work that police officers do – there is some fantastic work that I see and recognise it, but for whatever reason it is not always recognised by the media. The police service in general I think that for the last 18 months has had a very hard time and I think that it is time for that to change and for there to be recognition for the good work that police officers are doing on behalf of the communities that they keep safe.

What is your hope for the upcoming conference in Bournemouth?

I am very upbeat about conference. I think it is the most important conference will have ever attended since our inception and I think it will be a defining moment and it will define the future of the Police Federation of England and Wales there has to be clear and for everyone to understand for us not to pick this up will be a fatal error. And I do think there is that understanding for us to embrace this now.

What do you think the Federation will look like in five years’ time?

I think there will be a slimmed down version. I think there will be issues around finances, in as much as it has been heavily reported that the Federation is sitting on vast sums of money – that is I believe having been through good husbandry and it is right that we do have reserves but I think people will take a closer look at finances and some of the powers that be may push in the direction of funding and funding conditions and I think that is a concern but I think there is a real potential for the Police Federation around the future of funding of reps.

What next for Steve Williams?

I am going to have some family time. It is long overdue. I will take stock. I will have to keep busy. I will go crazy if I don’t have something to occupy me. So I will take a few months and take stock and see what happens.

Date posted: May 8, 2014

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