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Taser use down in West Yorkshire Police

4There has been a 12% decrease in the use of Taser at West Yorkshire Police: Down to 300 last year from 341 in 2012.

Across England and Wales Taser use had increased by 27 per cent.

From the first six months in January 2012 – where Taser was used 3,871 times – its use has increased within each six month period up to July 2013 to December 2013, where it was used 5,381 times.

The most common use of a Taser in each of the last two years was ‘red dot’, where officers use the laser on the device but do not actually fire it. This accounted for more than half, 51 per cent of use.

Officers can now also take part in a survey on Taser being hosted by the Police Federation of England and Wales.

The survey asks where an officer works, are they single crewed and how many times in the last two years have they felt that their life was in serious danger as a result of a threat by a member of the public, whilst on duty?

It also asks “assuming appropriate training is available, should Conducted Energy Devices (Taser) be issued only to authorised firearms officers, to a further increased number of specially trained officers, or to a wider group of front-line officers?”

It also asks for the experiences of officers who already use Taser.

You can take part in the survey here

Doug Campbell, who sits on the Federation’s operational policing subcommittee, said: “We ask would our members want to see a further roll out of Taser to more police officers? Do our members think Taser is a useful addition to their equipment? We are asking a series of questionsaimed at giving them the opportunity to have a say in Federation policy on this issue.”

Date posted: April 10, 2014

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