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Increments update: Freeze thaws in April

Money by Rosie AAs officers prepare to come off their increment freezes, the move to stop these payments has been labelled “more evidence of an ideological attack on the police service.”

Nick Smart, chairman of West Yorkshire Police Federation, said the two year officer increment rise freeze will conclude at the end of March. He said: “Quite simply officers will start again where they left off two years ago.”

Mr Smart added: “Your next increment will be post April and will either be your date of joining or date of promotion.

“Not surprising we are the only public service to have had an incremental pay freeze on top of the two year pay freeze. This is more evidence of an ideological attack on the police service”.

He added: “Officers have suffered a two year pay and increment freeze, removal of Special Priority Payments and phased removal of Competency Related Threshold Payments. We are not exactly sure how recent claims we are all better off have been made…..certainly police officers are not feeling it.”

Date posted: February 20, 2014

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